movies are my passion and here i'll be chatting away about what makes me happy.. and sometimes not so, in the wonderful world of film!

feel free to join in the discussions so I'm not just rambling along to myself!
#worldAIDSday #changes #makeadifference and wear your ribbon with pride ❤️

#worldAIDSday #changes #makeadifference and wear your ribbon with pride ❤️

Yep. #disney eases the lazy Sunday hangover..

Yep. #disney eases the lazy Sunday hangover..

Ok, Fassbender.. I am ready for YOU! #TheCounselor #movies #filmnerd

Ok, Fassbender.. I am ready for YOU! #TheCounselor #movies #filmnerd

WOAH!! The World Premiere of THOR 2: THE DARK WORLD.. Last night it was here, in a somewhat (unbelievably, ahem) drizzly and gloomy London.. Though, quite fitting with some of the movie’s scenery no doubt! Wow..

I feel this had to be mentioned and could possibly have led to a Marvel Top 5.. However, as you’ve already been graced with a Top 5 Superhero list.. I’ll leave it at that! 

So, I’m not short of what I can use here this week and Mr. Tom Hanks will be the subject of the 5! With the release of CAPTAIN PHILLIPS on 18TH OCT (nothing short of amazing by the way.. I believe Hanks could be picking up Oscar number 3 early next year) - of course not forgetting SAVING MR. BANKS out in the UK 29th November and also generating Oscar buzz - the legendary T.H. is certainly a worthy candidate.

I’ll be focusing on his acting talents in my Top 5.. I could and would quite happily be here all day if I started to go into his involvement behind the scenes! now then… Getting it down to just five..

5. The Green Mile

In the movie where we meet the BIG, super vulnerable, cryptically scarred John Coffey (like the drink, only not spelled the same) who’s unfortunate path comes across Hanks’ ‘Green Mile’ crew - the nickname given for the colour of the floor on the Death Row they run. I feel like every audience member to have ever watched this is balling their eyes out along with Barry Pepper’s character, Dean when John is being placed in the chair.. God, I love this movie.

4. Saving Private Ryan

Who’d have thought that a teacher would be leading the cavalry to save the last known surviving Ryan brother? This gritty war drama has some incredible performances across the board and, for me, is also a strong potential for a Spielberg Top 5. 

3. Forrest Gump

You know what’s coming.. ‘Bubba Gump shrimp, it’s a household name’.. hahaha - of course many will be saying: ‘Run, Forrest, RUN!’.. Whichever one you think of first - there are many quotes that can be taken from the heartwarming classic. This stellar performance saw Hanks win his 2nd Best Actor Oscar (consecutively I might add). My favourite quote: ‘I may not be a smart man. But, I know what love is’.. I’ll love you Forrest. Forever!

2. Cast Away

How many actors can hold a movie together pretty much on their own?? I, perhaps like many, watched this with slight apprehension because of that exact question.. What were we, the audience, in for?!.. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was hooked. I became completely lost on that island in the Pacific with Chuck and Wilson.. and once again, was left crying like a child when Wilson became a buoy in the sea..

1. Philadelphia

Ok.. It seems i have chosen ALL the major tear-jerkers Hanks has ever done! This one, I can feel the emotion rising in me as I type. I believe you’d have to be a robot not to be drawn in by Andrew Beckett’s cause in this story of a successful lawyer, who decides to take on the company big-wigs - who he believes fired him from his post for being gay. Hanks, deservedly, won his first Oscar for his memorable depiction of a man with AID’s at a time when little was known about the disease. A courageous and admirable career move that was completed perfectly.

Captain Philips is in cinema’s nationwide now:

Top 5 Bruce (BadBoy) Willis

So -  I’m somewhat excited about LOOPER being released next week. Aside from the fact I’m bit of a Bruce Willis fan (added bracket in the title noted, of course a personal opinion, nothing else!) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to be sneaking up on us all in the last few years - forcing us to pay attention. 500 Days Of Summer, Inception, Dark Knight Rises, once again!

The idea of an assassin from the future, sent back in time to kill potential threats to a deadly mob. All runs as it should until we get to the one who gets away and needs to be caught to achieve the role that a Looper is meant to do! J.G-L is Bruce Willis in the future?!  Fighting one another/but the same person if you know what I mean?!.. Sounds like my kind of action packed kick-ass film. BRING. IT. ON.

Mr. W has had quite a year so far - Moonrise Kingdom, The Expendables 2 and now LOOPER. Who can forget the return of John McClane next year in A Good Day To Die Hard? It’s all good things and Bruce just keeps ‘em coming. A welcome look back on an action hero/child psychologist/asteroid demolishing/ un-breakable guy’s credentials left me stuck narrowing it down to just 5..

5. Death Becomes Her

 This movie reminds me of my sister so much. I have such nostalgia when I watch it and I still enjoy it as much now as the first time I saw it because of this. We loved this film when we were younger - who knows why?! Could be the thought of Isabella Rossellini out there, somewhere, armed with a potion so we can ‘LIVE FOREVER!’ Or perhaps we had some sort of weird compassion for Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep’s characters?! who, knows! A bitch-whipped plastic surgeon is an interesting role for Bruce W. I went from hating Ernest to wishing him the best of luck away from the crazy immortal females!

4. Die Hard

The start of many Die Hard films, and who cares! They are all great and I really can’t wait ‘til next year for yet another! Alan Rickman being the best baddie - as he knows how and Bruce Willis being the best darned action hero - as HE knows how. Alex Zane actually has this film in his top Christmas film list.. Each to their own - either way - it’s still in the top!

3. The Fifth Element

If it’s not  bad ass Bruce who’s doing it for you in this film.. Then how about baddie working for the ultimate baddie Gary Oldman? Or an over styled, afro changing Chris Tucker? Or a quirky, newcomer, orange haired Mila Jovovich? Or!  All wardrobes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier? (soz, ex fashion girl and this really worked for me!) Great movie and I still watch it over and over again.

2. Pulp Fiction

Now, some may say Bruce isn’t as memorable as others in this Tarantino classic. I mean, I get it - you have a cracking opening scene with Tim Roth, Sammy Jackson with that legendary ‘fro, Travolta and Thurman doing THAT dance sequence. But how could you forget the rescue of Marsellus Wallace (gulp) and the memorable ‘Zed’s Dead Baby’. Belter.

1. The Last Boy Scout

Ok, so I know this was in my Top 5 films ever, but, how can it not be my Top 5 Bruce Willis film?! Was a close call between this and Lucky Number Slevin, Tears Of The Sun and The Sixth Sense. It’s a combination of the Willis/Wayans chemistry and the unwavering wit of Joe Hallenback and how Willis delivers the many quotable one-liners. He is for sure one of my ultimate action heroes.

LOOPER out 28th September

Top 5 Super Hero films

Hello! Ok, so I begin this part with apologies for disappearing for a couple of weeks! although, in my absence some amazing films have been released onto our big screens. It has been quite a summer.. My highlight so far..? Of COURSE The Dark Knight Rises. But. I’ll get to more on that bad boy further down the line..

Summer began with Andrew Garfield gracing our silver screens as The Amazing Spiderman - which - after much hype initially, seems to have come and gone with a somewhat lukewarm reception of folk! I’ll admit, I too was a tad disappointed.

I wouldn’t say I was necessarily a comic book fan. I am, however, a super hero-of-some-sort, fan. I love the stunts, the action and also in there tends to be some innocence which is never lost on me either. You have Batman with all his cash and gadgets. Spiderman who’s the kid behind the mask who seems to have the innocence I was mentioning. Peter Parker has a humble almost naive perception, that makes me want to give him a big fat hug! Wolverine and co. with ALL the superpowers that ever where between them. I mean c’mon?! Who wouldn’t want to be in the X-Men crew?!! Same goes for those bad ass Avengers. Though Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson don’t actually have ‘super powers’, damn! That guy can fire a bow and arrow with a super keen Hawkeye and she is one serious Black Widow.

My Top5 superhero adventures are as follows:

5. X-Men: The Last Stand

Perhaps, controversially, I have gone for the third instalment of the extravaganza that was the X-Men movies. Of course not counting Wolverine going t alone or the prequel which saw a cracking performance from Michael Fassbender as the villain we’d love to hate, Magneto. Despite my infatuation for a superhero, and this movie providing quite a fair few, I was completely sucked in by that funny thing called Love this time around. The Jean Grey/Cyclops/Wolverine triangle reached its peak in The Last Stand and I was right there with it! 
4. The Dark Knight
Ok. Of COURSE this had to make it to my top 5!  Heath Ledger’s final performance was a perfect finishing touch to the second part of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Unreal. For me, the baddie completely outshone the goodie.
3. Thor
In all honesty -  it took me a little while to hop on the Thor band wagon. I think I may have been on my Natalie Portman Black Swan high when this was out and I struggled to understand the transition! I soon realised I wasn’t too bothered about her at all as I was way too focused on Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston (both first time intro’s for me) and a surprising performance from Sir Anthony Hopkins. This was the movie that really cemented my love for Marvel films.
2. Batman
The original Batman. Wow. I still love this film. Even if you were to take out the stellar performance from Jack Nicholson - it would still have me captivated. I was lost for a while back in the days of George Clooney donning the cape. As interesting as it was seeing Jim Carrey being a hilarious bad guy or Big Arnie painted blue for a while -  Christopher Nolan’s take on the caped crusader was a welcome return to the dark and mysterious world I originally loved.
1. The Avengers Assemble
For me, this had to be number one. My Top 5 Fav. Everything worked for me in this absolute belter! Thor vs. Iron Man (briefly, but yep. Proper entertaining!) Mark Ruffalo as  a loveable yet terrifying Hulk. Scarlett J as an awesome manipulator, and yeah, flying the flag for the girls nice and high ;-). As ever with the Marvel wonders, I cannot wait for the next instalment.
p.s. Tom Hiddleston has to be the ultimate charming bad guy. I fell in love in like 5 mins!

Top 5 Ridley Scott

So… just in case you’ve been living in a bubble, Ridley Scott’s latest extravaganza Prometheus hit our screens on June 1st.

I did think ‘hmm, what about a Top 5 SciFi?’ but I was soon swayed into a Top 5 Ridley Scott instead!

I think the man is a genius. There are SO many productions that pop into my head when I think of his films - and from the start, the no.1 spot was always a dead cert. But, I’ll get to that in a bit..

5: Thelma And Louise 


Every girls kick ass movie! This was my first real, or memorable is probably better, introduction to Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis and Brad Pitt (who could forget his role in Thelma And Louise?!), and WHAT an introduction it was. The film provides a roller coaster of emotions. From the start I was part of their friendship. I felt the frustration of watching Thelma go through the awful marriage, the elation when she went off with Louise to just rebel and try something new and spontaneous. The genuine worry when things did start to unravel and get out of hand and the utter concern when you realise.. My God, how are they going to get out of this mess?!

An absolute cracker of a film.

4: Alien

Holy, moly. What a film. I think everyone who has seen this can recall the first time and the first reaction they had to it. Mine was utter fear having a late night watch on TV when I was, more than likely that bit too young! (later in life I also decided to torture myself further on the Alien Simulator ride at Disney World. BIG mistake.) Even though this film seemed to frighten the living daylights out of me ALL the sequels, and even a prequel(?!) have been welcomed with my open arms. Though it was made quite a fair while ago now - ‘79 -Alien continues to be one of the ultimate SciFi, and Ridley Scott masterpieces.

3: American Gangster


Another great movie. Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe doing wonders with their roles, respectively. Even with Denzel essentially, being the bad guy, I’m still rooting for him the whole way through?! Don’t take his money, Russ!

2: In Her Shoes

Yes, perhaps an odd throw in - and, yes higher in my Top 5 than Alien, In Her Shoes is one of my favourite guilty pleasures. I love it. I think it’s a combination of my love for Toni Collette (the best thing about The Sixth Sense pretty much), my love for shoes and, at times a definite love for a good old chick flick!

1: Gladiator

Even if Russell Crowe isn’t your favourite actor -  I feel it’s hard to argue his portrayal of war hero turned Gladiator, Maximus. Awesome name too..

This film is unbelievable. I can still watch it over and over again and still be captured within it as if it’s my first time. Joaquin Phoenix is the ultimate Bad Guy and a final performance from Mr. Oliver Reed all contribute along with the incredible visual effects and cinematography that transport you back to ancient Rome. Gladiator is one of the greatest hero stories brought to the big screen.

To answer Maximus’ question.. I was entertained.

My Top 5 Movie Fav’s

Starting out with my Top 5 fav movies of all time is a damn hard task! I wasn’t quite prepared for how few 5 actually is. It’s a tough choice when film is your passion, and as your thinking and choosing - another creeps in trying to outdo one that’s made the list.

My personal top 5 are super varied as you’ll see, but then, it is the Spice of Life after all!
In descending order we have:

5: The Last Boy Scout

One of two Tony Scott films to make it to my top 5. I’m not even sure how I came across The Last Boy Scout,  but Bruce Willis had me pretty much eating out the palm of his hand with his portrayal of down and out PI Joe Hallenbeck.  The character is certainly no eye candy (unlike Mr. Willis himself!) or even warm or personable - yet I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame. His wit, tone and laid back, borderline  cant be bothered with the world attitude, is exactly what makes me love him. An unlikely partnersip with Damon Wayans brings the right amount of jokes, action and stunts to make this my no.5

4: True Romance

The 2nd Tony Scott film to make my top 5, and it definitely deserves to be there. Those who aren’t familiar with the movie and would perhaps judge it on the title alone,  may assume its a lovely dovey mush flick.. When in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the main reason I love it so much. The chemistry between Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette is enviable, and although not your every day love story - I was almost immediately rooting for Clarence and Alabama.. Even the names are awesome for crying out loud!
If that’s not enough of a selling point then surely Gary Oldman - the legend he is- as a psychotic dread lock toting pimp has to be?!

3: Napoleons Dynamite

Another awesome character name.. I’m not sure it can get much better than this? My introduction to John Heder couldn’t have been better. What a movie. If you don’t love his t-shirt collection, then perhaps his catchprases. If you don’t love those, then perhaps THAT dance or the awesome 80’s inspired soundtrack. 

2: Million Dollar Baby

One of many of Clint Eastwood’s belters! I’m aware it’s not necessarily your obvious everyday favourite movie choice, but, when I first saw this film, I remember being totally and utterly moved to my core by not only a lead character (Hilary Swank as Maggie) but the supporting roles too (Clint himself as Frankie, Morgan Freeman as  Eddie and Jay  Baruchel as the loveable Danger) . It’s not the easiest to watch, as I am so moved by it - the tears definitely do flow!- so it hasn’t been on repeat as the others in my Top 5.. Never the less a truly memorable movie.

1: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Even writing this as my number one film of ALL time has me excited! The combination of cartoon and people is nothing short of genius. I was first into this concept way back with a 70’s film called The Water Babies. I love it. Ultimate escapism and chance to feel part of the film itself!
Bob Hoskins and cartoon Roger Rabbit could be one of my favourite duo’s ever. Christopher Lloyd is one of the ultimate baddies, and, of course, Jessica Rabbit one of the HOTTEST female leads to ever grace the screen.

As a treat to all, I leave you with this little number!

About My Blog

So, just a quick note to give the lowdown about my blog: RobynTakes5.. 

Film is my passion.. Not sure where it stems from, il be honest! There’s early memories of a love for the now, classics, and by that I mean The Never Ending Story, Labyrinth ( il allow disagreements there - Bowie in super tight leggings and puppets who remove their heads can be, um, confusing shall we say!) Edward Scissorhands, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (perhaps not a ‘classic’ but a fav none the less. I could carry on, but the early memories seem Never Ending! Sorry.)

So, I see it like this.. During my teens I was lucky enough to bag a great job that gave me spare time and  lots of opportunity to travel.  Giving me ample opportunity to indulge in my passion.. This job, coincidently, lead to the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD.. Fronting Sky Movies flagship film show alongside none other than Mr. Alex Zane 35MM!

Now my passion had actually become my job. BOOM.
I’ve met some unbelievable people.. Actors of all ages (Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, John Hurt to name a few. A couple of name drops never hurt anyone!). Personal heroes who I’ve watched many times from the screen in my living room, bedroom, train and plane! Being moved by the variety of performances they turn out time and time again.. Directors, who, to be able to get inside the mind of was just a fantasy of mine until very recently. 

I don’t want to be taken as a serious film critic. Thats not why I’m here or wanting to write this blog. I’m simply someone who enjoys movies and, the escapism they provide. Of course, my job allows me to get a lot closer to those behind the scenes and this is partly what id like to share.  I don’t want my opinions to affect any outlook on movies for others.. I want to discuss! To voice and to listen. 

Thanks for taking 5 with me

movies are my passion and here i’ll be chatting away about what makes me happy.. and sometimes not so, in the wonderful world of film!
feel free to join in the discussions so I’m not just rambling along to myself!

movies are my passion and here i’ll be chatting away about what makes me happy.. and sometimes not so, in the wonderful world of film!

feel free to join in the discussions so I’m not just rambling along to myself!